The purity and abstraction of minimal lines, the integration of details and humanistic spirit, are the keynote of the design of the NDI brand.

Each letter in NDI conveys our corporate values and belief.

N represents Needs.
Fulfilment of functional needs, evolve to the aesthetic perception and psychological needs.

D stands for Design
Design is one of the most powerful force in our life. can be inspiring, empowering and enlightening.

I means Individuality
Express your personality & style through fashion. Communicate your creativity, preferences and beliefs through your choice.

Our brand's trademark embodied Chinese calligraphy “亻”, which implies human, and “忄”, which represents thought. An implication of individuality.

Act per your mind with oneness of personality and thoughts.

It is a traditional belief that the heart is in charge of people's thoughts. The pursuit of physical and mental health nowadays is not limited to the physical level. We hope that NDI products can inspire a better philosophy of living, advocate harmony and unity of the body and mind.

Everyone is unique and with own character. We have freedom of choice in different styles.

In an era of pursuing of uniqueness, mobility and outstanding quality, each NDI product has its designated structure to fit different wearers’ living attitudes. We selected high-quality, self-developed stretched fabrics for the collection. The design incorporates functional elements with thoughtfulness hidden details which helps retain mobility when commuting in the city. It also meets the diversity of leisure life. The word "NDIVIDUALISM" contains our brand vision of ” individual “ , “invisible details” and “durability”. We envisaged to create fashion items which is comfortable, durable and versatile. Be it is casual, street or modern, there are ample of choices to suit wearers’ needs and style.

NDI is not just a brand but filling up with life. United with wearers personality, the brand come to life.

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